William D. Herzog

William D. Herzog-Assistant Group Leader of the Chemical, Microsystem, and Nanoscale Technologies

Dr. William D. Herzog is the leader of the Advanced Materials and Microsystems Group. His research emphasis is in the development of laser-based spectral sensors.

Herzog’s initial work focused on the development of aerosol sensors for the detection of biological warfare agents. He led a team that developed a sensor that combines fluorescence and breakdown spectroscopy to perform measurements on individual aerosol particles. This system is intended to replace the current trigger sensor within the military’s biodefense monitoring systems.

More recently, he has been developing long-wave infrared–based spectroscopic systems. He developed a generalized, optical method to rapidly measure absorption in individual, micron-sized aerosol particles. This technique is being used to develop a new class of aerosol sensing instruments. He has also applied long-wave infrared spectroscopy to remote sensing. For this work, he has also been developing quantum cascade laser systems to form illuminators that enable active, long-wave infrared hyperspectral imaging.

Herzog holds a BS degree in physics from The College of William and Mary in Virginia, an MS degree in physics from Boston University, and a PhD degree in electrical engineering from Boston University.