The impressive gains in performance obtained using deep neural networks (DNNs) for automatic speech recognition (ASR) have motivated the application of DNNs to other speech technologies such as speaker recognition (SR) and language recognition (LR). Prior work has shown performance gains for separate SR and LR tasks using DNNs for direct classification or for feature extraction. In this work we present the application for single DNN for both SR and LR using the 2013 Domain Adaptation Challenge speaker recognition (DAC13) and the NIST 2011 language recognition evaluation (LRE11) benchmarks. Using a single DNN trained for ASR on Switchboard data we demonstrate large gains on performance in both benchmarks: a 55% reduction in EER for the DAC13 out-of-domain condition and a 48% reduction in Cavg on the LRE11 30 s test condition. It is also shown that further gains are possible using score or feature fusion leading to the possibility of a single i-vector extractor producing state-of-the-art SR and LR performance.