Design and analysis framework for trusted and assured microelectronics
An in-depth understanding of microelectronics assurance in Department of Defense (DoD) missions is increasingly important as the DoD continues to address supply chain challenges. Many studies take a "bottom-up" approach, in which vulnerabilities are assessed in terms of general-purpose usage. This is beneficial in developing a general knowledge foundation. However, it does not offer much insight for program managers, technical leads, etc. to determine, for a specific mission and operating environment, the risks and requirements to using a microelectronic device. It is critical to develop a systematic approach that considers mission objectives, as the same component could be used in a weapon system or a surveillance system with significantly different requirements. We have been developing a Trusted and Assured Microelectronics (T&AM) Framework, which considers the entire system life cycle to produce mission-specific metrics and assessments. A radar system exemplar illustrates the approach and how the metric can be used as a Figure of Merit for quantitative analysis during development.