The MITLL NIST LRE 2011 language recognition system
This paper presents a description of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory (MITLL) language recognition system developed for the NIST 2011 Language Recognition Evaluation (LRE). The submitted system consisted of a fusion of four core classifiers, three based on spectral similarity and one based on tokenization. Additional system improvements were achieved following the submission deadline. In a major departure from previous evaluations, the 2011 LRE task focused on closed-set pairwise performance so as to emphasize a system's ability to distinguish confusable language pairs. Results are presented for the 24-language confusable pair task at test utterance durations of 30, 10, and 3 seconds. Results are also shown using the standard detection metrics (DET, minDCF) and it is demonstrated the previous metrics adequately cover difficult pair performance. On the 30 s 24-language confusable pair task, the submitted and post-evaluation systems achieved average costs of 0.079 and 0.070 and standard detection costs of 0.038 and 0.033.