A new DARPA program called Data Driven Discovery of Models (D3M) aims to develop automated model discovery systems that can be used by researchers with specific subject matter expertise to create empirical models of real, complex processes. Two major goals of this program are to allow experts to create empirical models without the need for data scientists and to increase the productivity of data scientists via automation. Automated model discovery systems developed will be tested on real-world problems that progressively get harder during the course of the program. Toward the end of the program, problems will be both unsolved and underspecified in terms of data and desired outcomes. The program will emphasize creating and leveraging open source technology and architecture. Our presentation reviews the goals and structure of this program which will begin early in 2017. Although the deadline for submitting proposals has past, we welcome suggestions concerning challenge tasks, evaluations, or new open-source data sets to be included for system development and evaluation that would supplement data currently being curated from many sources.