The protective windows on the telescopes of the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration's ground terminal on White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, reflect the desert sunset.

Optical and Quantum Communications Technology

We research and develop a wide range of space, airborne, and terrestrial communication systems. These systems include hardware for a terminal that is used in a near-Earth wideband relay laser communication system and prototypes of a beam director that will be integrated in a laser communication system. Our team has created the most sensitive high-data-rate laser communications links ever developed. We have also begun new research into extending the range and utility of undersea communication transceivers.

Featured Projects

The Laboratory's novel optical communication system was integrated on a robotic undersea vehicle.
optical systems
A system that enables robust, long-distance communications between underwater vehicles exploits laser technology.
The International Space Station will be outfitted with our ILLUMA-T laser terminal to provide optical communications.
The ILLUMA-T will enable optical communications on the International Space Station.
The high-rate, entangled-photon source technologies will be integrated into the optical fiber quantum network test bed.
quantum systems and science
Lincoln Laboratory and MIT researchers are creating a shared quantum network test bed that will be used for developing and realistic testing of applications that take advantage of quantum science's potential to enable diverse, advanced communication, sensing, and computing systems.

Advancing Our Research

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