With recent trends in computation and communication architecture, it is becoming possible to simulate complex networked dynamical systems by employing high-fidelity models. The inherent spatial and temporal complexity of these systems, however, still acts as a roadblock. It is thus desirable to have adaptive platform design facilitating zooming-in and out of the models to emulate time-evolution of processes at a desired spatial and temporal granularity. In this paper, we propose new computing and networking abstractions, that can embrace physical dynamics and computations in a unified manner, by taking advantage of the inherent structure. We further design multi-rate numerical methods that can be implemented by computing architectures to facilitate adaptive zooming-in and out of the models spanning multiple spatial and temporal layers. These methods are all embedded in a platform called Dynamic Monitoring and Decision Systems (DyMonDS). We introduce a new service model of cloud computing called DyMonDS-as-a-Service (DyMaas), for use by operators at various spatial granularities to efficiently emulate the interconnection of IoT devices. The usage of this platform is described in the context of an electric microgrid system emulation.