Interference from the proliferation of wind turbines is becoming a problem for ground-based medium-to-high pulse repetition frequency (PRF) pulsed–Doppler air surveillance radars. This paper demonstrates that randomizing some parameters of the transmit waveform from pulse to pulse, a filter can be designed to suppress both the wind turbine interference and the ground clutter. Furthermore, a single coherent processing interval (CPI) is sufficient to make an unambiguous range measurement. Therefore, multiple CPIs are not needed for range disambiguation, as in the staggered PRFs techniques. First, we consider a waveform with fixed PRF but diverse (random) initial phase applied to each transmit pulse. Second, we consider a waveform with diverse (random) PRF. The theoretical results are validated through simulations and analysis of experimental data. Clutter-plus-interference suppression and range disambiguation in a single CPI may be attractive to the Federal Aviation Administration and coastal radars.