Dependent Surveillance and the Mode S beacon radar. The result is an integrated concept for seamless surveillance and data link that permita equipped aircraft to participate in ADS or beacon ground environmenta. This offers many possibilities for transition from a beacon to an ADS based environment. The ADS-Mode S concept in baaed on use of the Mode S squitter. The Mode S squitter is a spontaneous, periodic (once per second) 56-bit Mode S broadcast containing the Mode S 24-bit address. This broadcast is provided by all Mode S transponders and in used by the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) to acquire Mode S equipped aircraft. For ADS-Mode S use, this squitter broadcast is extended to 112 bits to provide for the transmission of a 56-bit ABS message field. The ADS squitter is transmitted in addition to the current TCAS squitter in order to maintain compatibility with current TCAS equipment. This paper defines the ADS-Mode S concept, describes its principal surveillance and data link applications and provides estimates of expected performance.