The Low Level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS) is an anemometer-based surface network used for detection of hazardous wind shear and acquisition of operational wind information in the airport terminal area. The quality of wind data provided by the LLWAS anemometers is important for the proper performance of the LLWAS wind shear detection algorithms. This report describes the development of an automated method for anemometer data quality (DQA). This method identifies potential data quality problems through comparison of wind data from each sensor within a network to the mean wind speed and direction of the entire network. The design approach and implementation are described, and results from testing using data from the demonstration Phase III LLWAS network in Orlando, FL are reported. Potential improvements to the automated DQA algorithm are presented based on experience gained during analysis of the Orlando data. These recommended improvements are provided to assist future development and refinement of the DQA methodology to be performed by the FAA Technical Center.