A comparative study of existing and proposed FAA and Eurocontrol CHIs for en route air traffic control
In this paper we present a comparison of the Computer Human Interface (CHI) similarities and differences among the key Free Flight Phase 1 (FFP1) products for en route air traffic control (ATC) and air traffic control management (ATM) as well as some recent Eurocontrol-based CHI innovations. Our comparative study focuses on details of these disparate CHIs and the potential introduction of advanced graphical interactive features seen in the Eurocontrol CHI. Active US controllers who participated in Eurocontrol's Operational Display and Input Development (ODID) study have requested that the FAA develop an alternative CHI based on ODID and its successors such as the Denmark Sweden Interface (DSI). MIT Lincoln Laboratory has built a CHI Requirements Engineering Model (CREM) to support testing of an alternative ODID-like CHI that is feasible given the newly deployed Display System Replacement (DSR).