This is Volume 2 of the final report summarizing two years of work on ground-based foliage-penetration radar. The design and implementation of a breadboard radar system and of a theoretical and experimental investigation of target and propagation phenomena specific to the foliage-penetration problem are described. Volume 1 comprises three main sections: a short introduction; an overall description of the radar; and detailed descriptions of the hardware and software subsystems in the radar. Volume 2 describes the use of the radar as a measurements system for studying targets and the clutter environment, in addition to its use for demonstrating the feasibility of radar detection of walking men in foliage. Investigations of target return spectra, clutter return spectra, and clutter return amplitude statistics are reported. Theoretical models relating clutter spectra to wind turbulence and tree resonances are presented and compared with experimental results. Similarly, a previous theoretical prediction of target return spectra is compared with experimental results. Clutter return amplitude statistics are measured and found to be Gaussian under certain conditions. Finally, Vol.2 contains some comments on the relationships between the subclutter visibility and various parameters of digital MTI systems.