Under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sponsorship, Lincoln Laboratory has developed a Medium Intensity Airport Weather System (MIAWS). MIAWS provides air traffic controllers at medium- intensity airports a real time color display of weather impacting the terminal airspace. The weather data comes from nearby Doppler weather surveillance radars, called Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD). since May 2000 at field sites in Memphis (TN), Jackson (MS), Little Rock (AR), and Springfield (MO). With the success of the MIAWS prototypes and favorable response among air traffic controller users, the FAA is seeking to rapidly deploy MIAWS systems at forty airports within the National Airspace System Lincoln Lab has been operating prototypes of the Medium Intensity Airport Weather System (MIAWS) WAS). This report identifies suitable NEXRAD systems for each of the 40 MIAWS airports and three additional test and/or maintenance FAA facilities. Several other radar selection options are also provided to account for availability and cost-saving contingencies.