In a number of applications, a speech waveform is processed using phase dispersion and amplitude compression to reduce its peak-to-rms ratio so as to increase loudness and intelligibility while minimizing perceived distortion. In this paper, a sinusoidal-based analysis/synthesis system is used to apply a radar design solution to the problem of dispersing the phase of a speech waveform. Unlike conventional methods of phase dispersion, this solution technique adapts dynamically to the pitch and spectral characteristics of the speech, while maintaining the original spectral envelope. The solution can also be used to drive the sine-wave amplitude modification for amplitude compression, and is coupled to the desired shaping of the speech spectrum. The new dispersion solution, when integrated with amplitude compression, results in a significant reduction in the peak-to-rms ratio of the speech waveform with acceptable loss in quality. Application of a real-time prototype sine-wave preprocessor to AM radio broadcasting is described.