Radiation effects are presented for the first time for vertically integrated 3 x 64 -kb SOI SRAM circuits fabricated using the 3D process developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Three fully-fabricated 2D circuit wafers are stacked using standard CMOS fabrication techniques including thin-film planarization, layer alignment and oxide bonding. Micron-scale dense 3D vias are fabricated to interconnect circuits between tiers. Ionizing dose and single event effects are discussed for proton irradiation with energies between 4.8 and 500 MeV. Results are compared with 14-MeV neutron irradiation. Single event upset cross section, tier-to-tier and angular effects are discussed. The interaction of 500-MeV protons with tungsten interconnects is investigated usingMonte-Carlo simulations. Results show no tier-to-tier effects and comparable radiation effects on 2D and 3D SRAMs. 3DIC technology should be a good candidate for fabricating circuits for space applications.