The Terminal Weather Information for Pilots program
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently sponsoring programs such as the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) and the Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS) which will significantly improve the aviation weather information in the terminal area. Given the great increase in the quantity and quality of this information, it would be highly desirable to provide this data directly to pilots rather than having to rely on voice communications. Providing terminal weather information automatically via data link would both enhance pilot awareness of potential weather hazards and reduce air traffic controller workload. The Terminal Weather Information for Pilots (TWLP) program was created to address these needs. This paper will describe the philosophy behind the product, the format of the TWIP messages. and the system design. An interesting weather case from the operational demonstration currently underway will be shown, and plans for the national deployment of the TWIP capability at all TDWR-based airports will be discussed.