Max A. Heller

Working at the Laboratory provides me opportunities to learn from experienced engineers in an incredible breadth of areas and apply the most rigorous engineering practices to critically important problems.

Max A. Heller is an assistant technical staff member in the Secure Resilient Systems and Technology Group. After completing his undergraduate studies, he joined Lincoln Laboratory in 2023, where he works on developing secure-by-design satellite flight software and operating systems. Max believes programming languages with strong type systems such as Rust are key to developing reliable software — by enforcing more requirements at compile time, software can be made more reliable, secure, performant, and resistant to misuse.

Heller graduated with a BS degree in computer science from Brown University in 2022, earning the Senior Prize in Computer Science for his academic achievements and service to the department. Through coursework and internships at The D. E. Shaw Group, Amazon Web Services, and Jane Street, Heller focused on computer systems, security and privacy, networking, formal verification, and programming languages. Heller served as a head teaching assistant for three courses and as a teaching assistant for several more.