Cyber System Assessments

The Cyber System Assessments Group is engaged in a wide range of cyber-security-related mission activities focused on analyzing, understanding, and assessing cyber-containing systems. These activities include red teaming, system exploitation, building of cyber range infrastructure, and conducting tests and evaluations of cyber capabilities.

Red teaming activities include the identification and assessment of weaknesses in U.S. systems, so that they may be improved. To effectively accomplish this mission often requires the characterization of adversary capabilities. From this characterization, a threat model is then constructed and experimentally validated in order to demonstrate the impact of the threats against U.S. missions.

System exploitation is a part of red teaming. Group 59 makes use of skills in reverse engineering, malware analysis, vulnerability discovery, exploit development, forensics analysis, and system characterization to find specific ways to gain and maintain unauthorized control over hardware/software systems. These efforts can improve the defenses of systems.

Cyber range instrumentation and infrastructure are necessary for full-spectrum evaluation of cyber defensive systems. They are also required for operator training and exercises. Tests are most often conducted on an isolated cyber test range for two reasons: 1) to protect the wider Internet and operational systems from disruption due to testing, and 2) to ensure adequate data gathering for post-test analysis and proper repeatability for tests. To this end, Group 59 researches, develops, and deploys tools for very high-fidelity network traffic generation, user agent modeling, and physical host instrumentation. These tools include LARIAT, K0ALA, GOSMR, and LO-PHI.

Test and evaluation performs evaluations of cyber systems and capabilities including the development of cyber threat exemplars and corpora, metrics, procedures, and methodologies for testing, and the planning, execution, and analysis of those tests.


Leadership for Cyber System Assessments

John WilkinsonJohn D. Wilkinson Douglas StetsonDouglas E. Stetson
Chris ConnellyChristopher D. Connelly Graham Baker

Graham Z. Baker


To apply for a position, visit Career Opportunities and select 05-59 Cyber System Assessments in the group drop-down box. Students are encouraged to apply for intern positions as well.


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