Lincoln Laboratory assists the Department of Defense in improving the development of various tactical air and counterterrorism systems through a range of activities that includes systems analysis to assess technology impact on operationally relevant scenarios, detailed and realistic instrumented tests, and rapid prototype development of U.S. and representative threat systems. A tight coupling between the Laboratory's efforts and DoD sponsors and warfighters ensures that these analyses and prototype systems are relevant and beneficial to the warfighter.

PERDIX formationPerdix is an air-launched micro-sized folding unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed at Lincoln Laboratory. Twenty Perdix micro-UAVs flew in formation at operational exercises in Alaska field tests. This screenshot from a ground operator's display shows in green the locations of the UAVs as they autonomously execute a grid formation. Click for larger image


Leadership for Tactical Systems

Bob ShinDr. Robert T-I. Shin Rich HeinrichsDr. Richard M. Heinrichs Marc VieraDr. Marc N. Viera




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