The image shows the underlying time-frequency characteristics of speech that are exploited by automatic recognition systems.

Artifical Intelligence Technology and Systems

The Artificial Intelligence Technology and Systems Group, formerly the Human Language Technology Group and the Cyber Analytics and Decision Assistance team, expands on its machine-learning foundations in processing data from speech, text, images, and multimedia sources; adversarial learning; network science; and cyber systems. Human language researchers in our group have developed approaches for automatically identifying the words being spoken, the language being spoken, the topic of a conversation, and the speaker. We are developing social network analytics that are based on information extracted from speech, text, image, and video data combined with network communications and activities. We’re also building novel neural network architectures and training methods, and we’re creating new and effective deep-learning approaches to speech enhancement. Our group’s AI technologies and systems are designed to be robust to operating conditions and adversarial environments for a wide variety of applications.

Advancing Our Research


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Featured Publications

Approaches for Language Identification in Mismatched Environments

Dec 13
Proceedings of SLT 2016, San Diego, Calif.

Detecting Depression using Vocal, Facial and Semantic Communication Cues(308.97 KB)

Oct 15
Proceedings of the Audio Visual Emotion Challenge and Workshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our Staff

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