MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center that applies advanced technology to problems of national interest. Research and development activities focus on long-term technology development as well as rapid system prototyping and demonstration. A key part of this mission is to develop and deploy advanced sensor systems. Developing the algorithms for these systems requires interactive access to large scale computing and data storage. Deploying these systems requires that the computing and storage capabilities are transportable and energy efficient. The LLGrid system of supercomputers allows hundreds of researchers simultaneous interactive access to large amounts of processing and storage for development and testing of their sensor processing algorithms. The requirements of the LLGrid user base are as diverse as the sensors they are developing: sonar, radar, infrared, optical, hyperspectral, video, bio and cyber. However, there are two common elements: delivering large amounts of data interactively to many processors and high level user interfaces that require minimal user training. The LLGrid software stack provides these capabilities on dozens of LLGrid computing clusters across Lincoln Laboratory. LLGrid systems range from very small (a few nodes) to very large (40+ racks).