In-band full-duplex wireless communications are challenging because they require the mitigation of self-interference caused by the co-located transmitter to operate effectively. This paper presents a novel tapped delay line RF canceller architecture with multiple non-uniform pre-weighted taps to improve system isolation by cancelling both the direct antenna coupling as well as multipath effects that comprise a typical interference channel. A four-tap canceller prototype was measured over several different operating conditions, and was found to provide an average of 30 dB signal cancellation over a 30 MHz bandwidth centered at 2.45 GHz in isolated scenarios. When combined with an omni-directional high-isolation antenna, the canceller improved the overall analog isolation to 90 dB for these cases. In an indoor setting, the canceller suppressed a +30 dBm OFDM signal by 22 dB over a 20 MHz bandwidth centered at 2.45 GHz, and produced 78 dB of total analog isolation. This complete evaluation demonstrates not only the performance limitations of an optimized multitap RF canceller, but also establishes the amount of analog interference suppression that can be expected for the different environments considered.