We present a parallel implementation of the Fast Accurate NURBS Optimization (FANO) program using OpenMP and MPI. The software is used for designing imaging freeform optical systems comprised of NURBS surfaces. An important step in the design process is the optimization of the shape and position of the optical surfaces within the optical system. FANO uses the Levenberg-Marquardt (LM) algorithm for minimization of the merit function. The parallelization of the code is achieved without modifying readily available commercial or open source implementations of the LM algorithm. Instead, MPI instructions are being used to distribute the computation of the Jacobian over multiple nodes, each of which performs the computationally intensive task of raytracing. The results from the raytracing are collected on the master and used for calculating the values of the variable parameters for the next iteration. Speed increases of ~100x and more are possible when running on the cluster of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Super Computing Center (LLSC).