Summary: A six-sector antenna for a pole-mounted GPS-Squitter en-route ground station was designed, built, and tested. The fan beam of each of the six sectors of the antenna covers a 60- degree azimuthal sector. Together, the six uniformly-spaced, contiguous 60-degree sectors cover the complete 360 degrees of azimuth at the two Mode S frequencies, 1030 and 1090 MHz. When equipped with its receivers, the antenna achieves a maximum operational squitter reception range in excess of 200nmi. Physically, the antenna consists of six vertical 12-element linear arrays spaced uniformly round the circumference of an imaginary vertical circular cylinder and lying parallel to its axis. Six reflectors in the form of parabolic cylinders are mounted behind the linear arrays, one per array, to define the six separate sector beams. The complete radome-enclosed assembly is a cylinder eight feet tall and 23 inches in diameter. It weighs 250 pounds.