This report describes the hardware design of the TCAS Experimental Units (TEU's) constructed by Lincoln Laboratory to support the design and validation of the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) for the FAA. Section 1.0 presents an overview of the operation of hte TEU's, in order to give some context for the hardware design. References are given to more extensive descriptions of the TCAS system operation and software design. Section 2.0 constitutes the bulk of the report, and is a detailed description of the TEU hardware design. The purpose of this description is to document the design details of the equipment which was used to develop and validate the signal processing techniques and algorithms which appear in the TCAS II Minimum Operational Performance Standard, the TCAS National Standard and various technical reports listed in the references. A second purpose is to provide design guidance to potential TCAS II manufacturers, in the form of a detailed description of a feasible design with documented performance. Finally, this document is a manual for future use and maintenance of the TEU's.