Uni-traveling-carrier waveguide photodiodes (PDs) with a variable optical confinement mode size transformer are demonstrated. The optical mode is large at the input for minimal front-end saturation and the mode transforms as the light propagates so that the absorption profile is optimized for both high-power and high-speed performance. Two differently designed PDs are presented. PD A demonstrates a 3-dB bandwidth of 12.6 GHz, and saturation currents of 40 mA at 1 GHz and 34 mA at 10 GHz. PD B demonstrates a 3-dB bandwidth of 2.5 GHz, a saturation current greater than 100 mA at 1 GHz, a peak RF output power of + 19 dBm, and a third-order output intercept point of 29.1 dBm at a photocurrent of 60 mA.