Cyber Systems and Operations

The Cyber Systems and Operations Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory works closely with the nation's cyber forces, intelligence community, and federal agencies to identify operational gaps and analyze their current and planned systems and missions. We develop securable and usable technological systems that enhance the situational awareness, and battle management, command and control of cyberspace as a domain needed for multiple cyber missions, including integration across traditional mission domains and sensing layers. We produce systems that enable operations at the intersection of cyber and the electromagnetic domains, including cyber-physical, electronic warfare, communications, and tactical systems.

The group's core technology thrusts include development of network-, host-, embedded system- and electromagnetic-based cyber sensors and actuators, high-performance cloud-based analytics for processing data and turning it into information, and human computer interfaces and visualization. The group runs a Security Operations Center that uses real cybersecurity data to mature developing technology, while simultaneously using new technology to address critical cybersecurity events. Technical strengths include radio-frequency and embedded hardware and software design, securable networking and software engineering, algorithm development, user-centered design, and systems and data analysis. We are highly motivated to understand the challenges of cyber operators, and work side-by-side with them to solve their hardest technological problems.

Leadership for Cyber Systems and Operations

Jeffrey GottschalkJeffrey C. Gottschalk Diane StaheliDiane Staheli
Mark SmithDr. W. Mark Smith Kevin B. BushKevin B. Bush


To apply for a position, visit Career Opportunities and select 05-51 Cyber Systems and Operations in the group drop-down box. Students are encouraged to apply for intern positions as well.


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