Human Language Technology

The Human Language Technology Group is engaged in a wide range of projects focusing on processing of both speech and text. Major research areas include:

  • Speech and language processing
    • Speech recognition
    • Speaker recognition (identification, verification, and authentication)
    • Language and dialect identification
    • Word and topic spotting
    • Speech coding
    • Speech and audio signal enhancement
    • Machine translation
    • Extraction of entities, links, and events from both text and speech
  • Multimedia recognition techniques for biometrics applications
    • Voice recognition
    • Face recognition
    • Voice and face recognition
    • Iris recognition and information extraction
  • Social networks
    • Analysis based on information extraction from speech and text
    • Content and context analysis
  • Advanced analytics
    • Analysis of social networks
  • Realistic data and experimental evaluation techniques


Leadership for Human Language Technology

Joseph P. CampbellJoseph P. Campbell Nicolas MalyskaNicolas Malyska  

To apply for a position, visit Career Opportunities and select 05-52 Human Language Technology in the group drop-down box. Students are encouraged to apply for intern positions as well.


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