At Lincoln Laboratory, we have established a three dimensional (3D) integrated circuit (IC) technology that has been developed and demonstrated over eight designs, bonding two or three active circuit layers or tiers to form monolithically integrated 3D circuits. This technology has been used to successfully demonstrate a large-area 8 x 8 mm2 high-3D-via-count 1024 x 1024 visible image, a 64 x 64 laser radar focal plane based on single-photon-sensitive avalanche photodiodes, and a 10Gb/s/pin low power interconnect for 3DICs. 3DIC technology in our most recently completed 3D multiproject (3DM2) run includes three active fully-depleted-SOI (FDSOI) circuit tiers, eleven interconnect-metal layers, and dense unrestricted 3D vias interconnecting stacked circuit layers, as shown in Figure 1. While we continue our efforts to scale our 3DIC technology and increase 3D via density, we are also working to improve our understanding of 3D integration impact on transistor and process monitor circuits. In this paper, we describe our process and test results after single tier circuit fabrication as well as after three-tier integration, determine impact of 3D vias on ring oscillator performance, and demonstrate functionality of single and multi-tier circuits of varying complexity.