Review of NYC ITWS during the September 7, 1998 severe weather event
The New York City Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS) prototype became operational for the first time on August 30, 1998. Although this was near the end of the region's convective season, site staff were afforded a unique chance to assess the system's performance during Labor Day weekend on the afternoon of September 7 when a line of severe thunderstorms wreaked havoc over large areas of the Tri-state region. The storm with gusts reported as high as 80 mph, caused fatalities as boats overturned and trees fell on cars. Tornadoes were confirmed over New Jersey and Long Island, with major structural damage occurring in other areas as the result of strong straight-line winds and hail reported as large as 1.75 inches in diameter. Significant airport delays were experienced at the three major New York airports (over 600 flights delayed at least 15 minutes) and several hundred flights were cancelled. This report will assess the performance of ITWS and NEXRAD products during the time severe weather impacted the TRACON area, from about 1700 to 1930 UTC on September 7 (hereafter all times will be given in UTC). It will also discuss the synoptic weather setting and conclude with a section on the operational benefits users derived from ITWS on this day.