The Advanced Technology mission supports national security by identifying new phenomenology that can be exploited in novel system applications and by then developing revolutionary advances in subsystem and component technologies that enable key, new system capabilities. These goals are accomplished by a community of dedicated employees with deep technical expertise, collectively knowledgeable across a wide range of relevant disciplines and working in unique, world-class facilities. This highly multidisciplinary work leverages solid-state electronic and electro-optical technologies, innovative chemistry, materials science, advanced radio-frequency technology, and quantum information science.

PanSTARRS CCD This 1.45-gigapixel focal plane array, composed of 23-megapixel charge-coupled devices, will be used on the second Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) telescope located in Maui, Hawaii. Pan-STARRS will be the world's leading facility for new asteroid and comet discoveries.


Leadership for Advanced Technology

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