RF Technology (Group 86)

The RF Technology Group develops and demonstrates innovative RF technologies and integrated subsystems as solutions to emerging national security needs in radar, electronic warfare, signals intelligence (SIGINT), and special communications. To execute its RF research and development mission, the group develops and tests custom antennas, transmit and receive modules, multichannel wideband receiver-exciters, beamformers, active and passive RF circuits, wide bandgap materials and devices, low-phase-noise oscillators, high-speed software-defined radios, and high-throughput digital processing architectures. Novel RF solutions are developed at the device level up through the full RF subsystem level, with an emphasis on highly integrated, small-form-factor RF subsystems. The group collaboratively interacts with research groups across the Laboratory to take projects from initial concept stage, though simulation and analysis, to design and prototyping, and finally to field demonstration.


Leadership for RF Technology

Dr. Jeffrey HerdDr. Jeffrey Herd Dr. Frank RobeyDr. Frank Robey
Dr. Bradley PerryDr. Bradley Perry Dr. Beijia Zhang



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