This report summarizes the results of a study to: (1) investigate the primary needs of air traffic controllers, flow controllers, and central flow controllers for weather information, (2) define a cost effective system concept to meet these needs, and (3) lay out a plan for the development of the proposed weather subsystem to support Air Traffic Control. The recommended system will provide rapid geration and dissemination of reliable use oriented observations and very short range severe weather forecasts (up to 30 min.) to facilitate controller planning. This new capability will: 1) reduce weather induced controller work load peaks, 2) permit controllers to coordinate and preplan aircraft rerouting for weather avoidance, 3) achieve an improved balance between the inefficiency of overreaction and the essentials of safety, 4) facilitate controller response to pilot requests for weather data on a work load permitting basis, and 5) enable the issuance of accurate weather advisories. The system will also provide rapid generation and dissemination of reliable short range forecasts (up to 4 hours) to permit early introduction of necessary flow control procedures. This new capability will: 1) decrease problems for controllers, 2) increase acceptance of flow control, and 3) increase traffic flow efficiency without decreasing safety.