Technical staff members in the Intelligence and Decision Technologies Group review imagery of a location of interest in the maps projected in the PED Lab.

Intelligence and Decision Technologies

Our staff develop prototype systems for disseminating critical intelligence information to commanders who direct military operations. To design these prototypes, we research technologies for processing, exploiting, and integrating data collected from diverse sensors, such as radar, electro-optic, video, and radio frequency, as well as from people and the internet. Once we have studied the workflows of intelligence analysts and military commanders to understand their information needs, we build datasets to support the development of algorithms that allow systems to fuse data from multiple sources, mine data for pertinent information, and detect and track network traffic that may provide clues about adversaries' activities. Because of the current abilities of advanced sensors to amass overwhelmingly large volumes of data, we are experimenting with information systems that are capable of distributed data storage and computation.

Featured Projects

Graphic of TbD-net subtasks
A new neural network model reveals some of the mystery behind the decision-making capability of artificial intelligence systems.
A goal of the program is to develop a system that can identify spatial relationships between objects in a scene, such as counting how many planes are parked at the terminal on the left.
An artificial intelligence application that automatically identifies objects in aerial imagery could reduce the time analysts spend in manually combing through images.

Advancing Our Research