Professional Society Fellows

MIT Lincoln Laboratory staff members are active in professional societies: they attend conferences and present papers, chair committees and conferences, publish journal articles, and serve as editors for their societies' publications.

Over the years, many Laboratory staff members have been honored for their technical accomplishments and service to professional societies through elevation to the grade of Fellow.

Listed below are Lincoln Laboratory staff members who are Fellows of professional societies.

American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Earle Williams, for his unselfish cooperation in scientific research with colleagues around the world and for his uncompromising, high standard of achievement in the geophysical sciences, 2010
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

Marc Bernstein (Associate Fellow), 2015

Hsiao-hua Burke, for outstanding leadership in the development of missile defense systems, hyperspectral imaging technology and algorithms, and satellite systems for military and civilian applications, 2013

Steven Bussolari (Associate Fellow), 2016
Kenneth Chadwick (Associate Fellow), 2000
William "Bob" Davis (Associate Fellow), 2014
Eric Evans, for sustained and outstanding technical leadership in the application of advanced technology and system architectures to critical national security problems, 2015
Linda Fuhrman (Associate Fellow)
James Kuchar (Associate Fellow), 2009

Tom Reynolds, (Associate Fellow), 2017

Scott Stadler, (Associate Fellow), 2017
Paul Zarchan (Associate Fellow)

American Meteorological Society (AMS)
Earle Williams, for outstanding contributions to the atmospheric sciences and their applications, during a substantial period of years, 2008
Marilyn Wolfson, for outstanding contributions to the atmospheric or related oceanic or hydrologic sciences, or their applications, during a substantial period of years, 2012
American Physical Society (APS)
Roshan L. Aggarwal, 1977; Senior Fellow, 1994
Gerald Dionne, 2003
William Oliver, for pioneering contributions to the physics and associated engineering of robust, reproducible, superconducting quantum systems and high-performance cryogenic control electronics, 2016

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Mohamed Abouzahra, for leadership in the development of passive planar microwave components and in planar microwave circuits, 2011
Michael Brandstein, for contributions to microphone array signal processing for speech and multimedia applications, 2009
Barry Burke, for contributions to the technology development of charge-coupled devices for imaging and signal processing, 2001
Joseph Campbell, for leadership in biometrics, speech systems, and government applications, 2005

Robert Cunningham, for leadership in computer security, 2017
William Delaney, for leadership in the conceptual definition, promotion and management of air and space defensive systems, 1991
Gerald Dionne, for contributions to the theory and development of ferromagnetic materials and microwave ferrite devices, 1994
Joseph Donnelly, for development of ion implantation techniques and their application to semiconductor photonic devices, 1990
Eric Evans, for technical leadership in development of advanced air and missile defense systems, 2006
Alan Fenn, for contributions to the theory and practice of adaptive phased-array antennas, 2000
Darryl Greenwood, for contributions to the design and performance of adaptive optical systems, 2009

Jeffrey Herd, for leadership in the development of low-cost phased array technology, 2018

Paul Juodawlkis, for contributions to optically sampled converters and waveguide amplifiers, 2017
Dimitris Manolakis, for contributions to signal processing education, algorithms for adaptive filtering, and hyperspectral imaging, 2016
David Martinez, for technical leadership in the development of high performance embedded computing for real-time defense systems, 2003
Peter Moulton, for contributions to development of laser and nonlinear optics technology, including the invention of the Ti:sapphire laser, 2011
Daniel Oates, for contributions to high-temperature superconductors and applications to RF receiver technology, 2017

Thomas Quatieri, for contributions to sinusoidal speech and audio modeling and nonlinear signal processing, 1999
Douglas Reynolds, for contributions to Gaussian-mixture-model techniques for automatic speaker recognition, 2010
Frank Robey, for leadership in development of advanced radar systems, 2017
Kenneth Senne, for contributions to the development of real-time adaptive signal processing systems for defense applications, 2002
David Shaver, for leadership in semiconductor microlithography and microfabrication technology, 2008
Steven Smith, for contributions to statistical signal processing and applications to radar and sonar, 2017

William Song, for contributions in high-performance low-power embedded processors, 2015
Grant Stokes, for  leadership in the development and implementation of advanced space search systems, 2010
James Ward, for leadership in space-time adaptive processing for radar and sonar systems, 2005
Clifford Weinstein, for technical leadership in speech recognition, packet speech, and integrated voice/data networks, 1994

National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

National Academy of Engineering members are elected to recognize distinguished achievements in their fields. The disciplines in which the following members were honored follow their names.

William Delaney, Special Fields* and Interdisciplinary Engineering, 2012
Eric Evans, Special Fields* and Interdisciplinary Engineering, 2015
Walter Morrow, Electronics, 1978
Peter Moulton, Electronics, 2000
Grant Stokes, Aerospace, 2016

*Special Fields include acoustics, atmospheric sciences, hydrology, military engineering, ocean engineering, systems engineering, and newly emerging areas related to engineering, as well as economics, education, law, and management

National Academy of Inventors (NAI)
Christine Wang, 2014
Optical Society of America (OSA)
Tso Yee Fan, for the development of diode-pumped solid-state lasers, particularly Yb-YAG, and for innovations in laser beam combining, 2002
Darryl Greenwood,
for contributions to the fundamental understanding and early development of adaptive optics, 1991
Paul Juodawlkis, for significant contributions to optically sampled
analog-to-digital conversion and the development of the slab-coupled optical waveguide amplifier, 2013

Peter Moulton, for pioneering contributions to the development of new solid state lasers and the invention of the titanium-doped sapphire laser, 1991
Charles Primmerman,
for original work in adaptive optics and atmospheric compensation, 1998
John Zayhowski, for seminal contributions in miniature solid-state laser technology and laser applications and for pioneering work on microchip lasers, 2009

Don Boroson, for achievements in satellite laser communications, 2012
Keith Doyle, for achievements in advances in optomechanical engineering and integrated modeling, 2014
Theodore Fedynshyn, for achievements in photoresist materials and process technology, 2012
Peter Moulton, for achievements in solid state lasers and nonlinear optical devices, 2015


Listed below are former Lincoln Laboratory staff members who are Fellows of professional societies.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

Mykel Kochenderfer, (Associate Fellow), 2017

Eliahu Niewood (Associate Fellow), 2016

American Physical Society (APS)
Aram Mooradian, Fellow, 1968
Richard Osgood
Elias Towe
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Randy Avent, for leadership in automatic target recognition technology, 2015
Serpil Ayasli, for contributions to the development of military radars, 2002
Edward Baranoski, for leadership in knowledge-aided radar systems for indoor environments, 2016
Daniel Bliss, for contributions to adaptive sensor systems in radar and communications, 2015
Vincent Chan, for leadership in optical communication systems, 1994
Alice Chiang, for contributions to signal processors using charge-coupled devices, 1997
Paul Drouilhet, for leadership in developing the Discrete Address Beacon System, 1987
Bernard Gold, for contributions to speech communication and digital signal processing, 1972
Anand Gopinath, for contributions to the analysis of microstrip discontinuities and to the development of microwave integrated circuits, 1990
Robert McAulay, for contributions to the development of sinusoidal speech processing and its application to speech coding, 1997
Alan McCree, for contributions to low bit-rate coding of speech signals, 2005
Ivars Melngailis, for contributions to narrow-gap semiconductor lasers and detectors, 1986
Pratap Misra, for contributions to global satellite navigation systems, 2007
Walter Morrow, for contributions to the development of space and tropospheric scatter communication systems, 1966
Leslie Novak, for contributions to optimal processing radar data, 2001
Robert O'Donnell, for contributions to advanced surveillance and tracking radar systems, 2003
Alan Oppenheim, for contributions to digital signal processing and speech communications, 1977
Richard Osgood, for the development of novel gas lasers, and for contributions to the development of laser chemical processing technology for microelectronics fabrication, 1987
Charles Rader, for contributions to digital signal processing, 1978
Robert Rediker, for contributions to semiconductor device research, 1962
Peter Staecker, for leadership and contributions to the design and development of microwave and millimeter-wave devices and circuits, 1995
Allan Steinhardt, for contributions to space-time adaptive sensors, 2004
Ernest Stern, for leadership in the development of surface-acoustic-wave devices for signal processing in radar and communication systems, 1980
Roger Sudbury, for leadership in gallium arsenide integrated circuits, 2004
Eric Swanson, for contributions to optical coherence tomography and leadership in optical networking, 2017
Elias Towe, for contributions to nanostructure optoelectronic technology, 2003
Richard Williamson, for contributing reflective grating devices to the field of surface-acoustic-wave filters, 1982
National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
Bernard Gold, Computer Science, 1982
Optical Society of America (OSA)
Steven Brueck, 1987
Vincent Chan, for seminal contributions to the development of the field of optical space communications and optical communications and networks, 2002
Charles Cox, for outstanding research and development contributions in photonic links and their applications, 2011
Harold Fetterman, 1980
Anand Gopinath, for seminal contributions in modeling and design of integrated optical devices, 2002
Katherine Hall, for contributions to the understanding of ultrafast semiconductor devices, development of advanced fiber communication systems, and entrepreneurship in optics, 2013
Paul Kelley, 1977
Dennis Killinger, 1987
Aram Mooradian, 1977; Fellow Emeritus, 2009
Nathan Newbury, for pioneering contributions to the development of fiber laser frequency combs and their application to spectroscopy, metrology, and LIDAR, 2012
Richard Osgood, 1992
Jinendra Ranka, for outstanding contributions to ultrafast nonlinear optics, including his discovery of supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibers, 2007
Robert Rediker, 1988
Henry Smith, for contributions to optical nanolithography and nanophotonic systems, 2009
Eric Swanson, for pioneering contributions to the fields of intersatellite laser communication systems, fiber optic communication networks, and biomedical optical imaging, 2002
Elias Towe, for original contributions to semiconductor optoelectronic devices and for leadership in optics and optoelectronics, 2003


As part of the effort to promote nominations to the rank of Fellow, the Professional Societies Committee is recognizing those staff members who have achieved this honor. If your name is missing from this list or if you wish assistance with a nomination for Fellow, please contact the committee.

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